A February Favourite’s

A February Favourite’s

I’ve been ‘quarantined’ for the past month indoors due to having waves of fever and living with a  biohazard family. (They were also sick). For me it can turn quite deadly having an illness as it stands,  so it’s been quite frustrating when the only haven was my bedroom for the most parts. Having wiggled my big toe and telling myself to try to fight the pain, I’ve only just managed to make good use of my writing fingers to blog once again. As we approach the end of February, so does my monthly dose of favourite things I enjoyed in the short month.   Screenshot_2015-02-15-14-34-29

Summoners War was a great gem to find by ‘accident’ whilst browsing for a good role-playing game. It is an rpg form of gaming which consists of battles in different stages in which you level up to the maximum 40. You can also buy equipments with mana stones (the blue stones shown in the picture), to aid in building your island.

I wouldn’t say the adventure was true of what a role-playing game should look like in my eyes since you can’t explore any areas and you stand in one spot taking turns to fight the computer animated monsters, (something i normally despise), however the fun is in the summoning of special monsters at random which attribute to making your team stronger. If you have the patience to wait out your energy (literally) then it can be a fun way to spend some time.


My order of peri peri chicken, mash and some salad with a peri peri side sauce

My order of peri peri chicken, mash and some salad with a peri peri side sauce

When I have gone out to dine recently, one of my favourite restaurant has been Giraffe, a friendly, lively place which isn’t as crowded as it seems. The food fills your stomach with the most delicious meals you could want and it feels better with the colder months to have a plateful of hearty chicken and some mash. They have a variety of different types of food to choose from whether your vegetarian or not and they never fall short of delivering with high expectations.

Ed Sheeran is a man of many talent, from his times on the radio to having reached number one hits on the u.k charts, fans have gone wild crazy to see him live that he’s shows are almost always sold out worldwide. What i like about Ed is the fact he almost always performs as a one man band which is impressive and works so well for him, it’s unique as a mainstream artist of todays’ society and he performs so great live aswell, no lip synching and no jazz needed, this man surely will go far. I’m also loving this particular song in my playlist.

I admit I can never sit through an entire hour of the oscars even with the commercials (that’s probably why), but I attempted to this year and it was worthwhile to see Neil Patrick show us his musical skills which wasn’t half as bad as his comedy. I liked this opening for this year particularly because it had a nostalgic feeling when all the movies were mentioned, it reminds us of the beauty of all these classics.


Film of the Day: Surrogates (2009) Directed By Jonathan Mostow (based on the comic series by Robert Venditti)

A January Favourite’s

A January Favourite’s

Another January favourites begins in the year 2015. I had some internet trouble hence this is slightly off track from my calender duties.

I’ve discovered a few new lovable’s, so here they are…it’s short, slightly sweet and less than simple.

When you think Shia Labeouf can’t get any stranger more creative, he will surprise you in a turn of events. Take being cloth skinned naked and dancing with the talented Maddie (who also starred in Sia’s music video Chandelier).

The ambiguous dancing can take many answers as to what it really is about but you can’t deny the powerful impact her music has on her video’s. I love the song and its beauty behind the beast like imagery. It shows human compassion that we all face and the difficulties of embracing it. A dance surely makes for a good understanding.


In Tokyo the world is divided with the relations (or rather lack of) between the humans and the ghouls (human trait like creature’s who strive off human flesh to survive).

The plot centers around Ken Kaneki who happens to stumble upon both worlds and goes through more torture than a school boy can handle. The anime reminds me a lot of the movie Blade as their is a prominent battle against the two race with Ken being part of both worlds.

It is a very ‘raw’ process with all the blood, guts and gore flying across the screen but it’s worth the flood of horror if firstly you love horror and you can learn to stomach it and let your head be entertained. For me, it’s the right cup of tea.


A tired father of two is somewhat ‘chosen’ to take on the mission from infinity and beyond! (oh wait, wrong movie)..to find another planet to call their home, whilst Earth is dying from lack of resources they need to survive. A teary McConaughey must fight his emotions if he wants to see his kids after 23 years!

Whilst his crew go on the mission via a wormhole in the galaxy, strange things begin to happen, and no ghost busters can even reach them in the silence of space.

It is a very emotional film that has alot of depth and intelligence that only Christopher Nolan would know how to create a feature long film to wow us once again. However it was a great watch through the lengthy process.


Film of the Day: Big Eyes (2014) Directed By Tim Burton



“Eyes are the windows to the soul..”

It’s been a long time since I’ve welcomed the gothic master -Tim Burton back into my life ( i love his style of directing) and for a while I had forgotten about his creative mind. That was until Big Eyes looked at me with such warmth and eyes to make this movie picture perfect. Burton has taken a very different (biographical) approach to directing this movie but it still resembled Burton’s quirky moments in a few scenes. It is based on Margaret Keane whose work was claimed by her then husband using fraud in the 1950/60s, as he took credit for her paintings.

Little girl I'm a great painter (as if)

Little girl I’m a great painter (as if)

When we meet the arrogant  Charming Mr. Keane, (played by Christoph Waltz), Margaret loses sense of her paintbrushes and falls in love with him, little knowing it won’t be a pretty picture. With her little daughter to support and living in a sexiest era, her only hopes in finding stability pretty much lay in the hands of the man in front of her. With his sophisticated charms, she really couldn’t say” I don’t” to his strange proposal.

Nobody buys a 'lady' painting

Nobody buys a ‘lady’ painting

The relationship between the couple really work so well in the movie, (one extreme ‘painter’ to a modest beauty artist), and waltz has become a firm favourite actor of mine since I’ve discovered his acting skills. (You just have to watch him to  understand moi). There is so much  belief when he speaks that we must believe everything he says. Everything.

Hmm..what to paint..

Hmm..what to paint..

Whilst the modest Margaret paints her ‘Big Eyes’ in isolation, Walter Keane happily showers the world with them as his ‘remarkable talent’ as his suave ways are fit enough to persuade the king and Queen to tea i’d think! (which is just aswell since it makes them alot of money), but of course any artist falling into the cold shadows of a lonely art room will know, it begins to wash all the colours out of your soul and Margaret knows that feeling more than anyone.

His charming love turns into fixation upon her art, his fixation into greed for money and so forth his demeanour towards people creates a darker colour.

This Is such a great movie and i fell in love with it instantly despite not having the typical Burton stamp on it. It paints so well as a romanticism comedy drama that turns an autobiography into a charming clever tale, yet respecting the real artist at heart. It really is a refreshing way to come into the year with a beautiful story of an artist and her Big Eyes.

Film of the Day : Before I go to sleep (2014) By Rowan Joffe

The Life and Death of the year 2014

The Life and Death of the year 2014

I feel I’ve become the latest  addition to ‘Gone Girl’ as I haven’t really posted much since November. I’ve had far too many hospital trips and treatments than I cared for,  so it really has been a long trip to the North Pole and back. Speaking of..Merry (rather late) Christmas and I hope everyone had a good time..if you didn’t.. Bah! Humbug.

Since my return, I thought as the year is almost coming to a close I would share some of my favourite things I have enjoyed throughout 2014. It really has had it’s blissful and tragic moments but that really is a given almost any year.

Id also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all and any of my readers and followers of this blog as I really do try my best to keep up the postwork despite my ill fated situation, which can lead to some very dark days so  It’s been tougher with time but I can only hope I can make it as far as time will let me. But most of all I’m happy I can be sharing a part of my  world with the public of things I enjoy to talk about.

With the emotional baggage aside..I present you my highlights of 2014! (Due to my disastrous days  of treatment I should note I haven’t been able to do much as usual).

The Last of Us: Left Behind  was the latest edition to bring the first gameplay together. It retraces Ellie’s steps to her past life before she had met Joel and the endeavours that had caught up with her. Two girls against a burnt out population full of infected and criminals.

It was such an emotional rollercoaster and at times I forgot this was a video game due to the breathtaking features that surround your environment when your playing the game. It really is a new generation of a game and my favourite game of the year so far.

SPOILER ALERT! In the season 4 premier above you may see a few dark secrets u veil so if your intrigued by the show’s plot you have been warned to not view the above.  On a spoiler free note, it tells the story of Amanda Clarke who goes under the alias name ‘Emily Thorne’, set upon destroying all those who had set her father up and had him framed and murdered for their own intentions. Revenge that serves up a warm treat and a few cold shoulders.

I didn’t know much about this film when it came out except that Michael C. Hall was going to play a different game of killing in this role. The film did well in my eyes, although the ending could have seen better acting. It is a lightly infused thriller with multiple (comedic) shots fired in a strange mix which works for the movie. Well worth the watch for this years thriller.

20141229_144615Rustic drinks are great when they taste just as good as you remember. That’s why Ribena diluted juice drinks are a firm favourite of mine since forever.

To the addition it has added so many new flavours which are all favourable such as these bigger versions like the original. Apple, peaches, mangos and lime galore!

Screenshot_2014-12-30-18-35-13 This was in one of my monthly favourite posts and iv’e been playing it ever since. It really is too addictive. Never the less i have let myself refrain from playing it like crazy. I really do praise and appreciate what the design team and creators have put their time into as Arcane Legends ‘free android’ type of game that really let’s you explore different areas on the world map. It has none of the typical ‘oh is It my turn to fight’ mode of rpg gaming. Instead you have free range to fight your way through cities.

It really is a gem of a game that deserves to find a space on your device.

So that’s a few of my collective favourite things of the year for 2014 and I hope the next year get’s even better. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and It gives you a greater life to enjoy. It has been a very emotional and enduring journey for me with the illness and challenges i had to face but all i can do is keep..on..trying so i wish you a very Happy New Year and  i shall see you in the next one!

Hallow (October ) Monthly Favourite’s

Hallow (October ) Monthly Favourite’s

Firstly Happy Halloween! Hopefully you haven’t lost any fingers whilst carving out your pumpkin..if you have.. Why are you still reading this! It also happen to be the day I do my end of the monthly favourite’s so here I continue with all things lovable in October on Hallows day.

This film is primarily based in..open water with two couples who learn what it’s like to be left behind in the freezing depths of the ocean, when their tour boat accidentally makes a mistake in counting them in. ( i call that a very BIG mistake and guy needs to get fired a.s.a.p)

The film really makes you fearful of the water due to so many possible casualties tbat could happen, as they show in tnis movie and,   without food and water, sharks wouldn’t be your only worry.

It’s full of enough suspense not to bore me and I rather enjoyed a thriller that still made my heart say “wow did that really happen”! It’s one to watch that makes a scuba diving trip into a nightmare.

Barely Political are a bunch of crazy, eccentric, but fun-loving creative heads all rolled in one video. They usually do skits on various artists as shown and what better favourite than their funny Horror conference they have going on. It’s not to everyone’s humorous liking, but I like the taste.

Ed Sheeran is a british sensation around the u.k and I’d like to think globally now. With his one man acoustic band he leaves very much to be desired with his talent. This is the very first time Ed shows his dance moves when he’s not strumming at his guitar and he did a good job. I love the choreography and goes well with his song. I’ll be adding it to my playlist.

Film of the Day:  Scanners (1981) By David Cronenberg

Hide And CreeP

Hide And CreeP

“This is Halloween, Everybody make a scream” 

With October comes the cold nights, with the cold nights come darkness which In return makes for a festive Spooky Halloween time.

What better way then to get cosy with a few friends or mature adults and settle down to a few scary films. So I thought I would dedicate this post to exactly that. Here I have summoned a few movies I have enjoyed watching to the run up to the special day,and perhaps you will find a good trick or treat within them.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without this movie, so here is John Carpenters classic 1978 (pumpkin) slasher movie that deserves a watch on a cold evening. It may not resemble severe gore and jump scares, but key in horror always begins with stealth and slow walking killing. While trick and treating goes down well with the kids, Michael Myers decides to wear his all seasons and his Halloween has only just begun with carving out a few faces. The music and ambience of this movie are amazing g and a great start to your own Halloween. Remember..silence is deadly.

Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers” (1938 jazz song ) 

well I’ll tell you where..from another human! Directed and written by Victor Salva.  I never thought I’d shiver at a wonderful jazz song until I heard it in a chilling scene in this movie. It certainly gives all the right creepy scares and it’ll have you hope you don’t smell so special to a certain moth like creature who sniffs out a particular pheromone for it’s delicacy.

The look of it is really well made. There is a sequel which is equally great but this one is a good place to start. It’s more creepy than horror but will definitely give you the heebie jeebies. Just don’t let your fears be ‘tasted’.

I love when a British horror movies comes together nicely. The Descent (2005) By Neil Marshall provides all the right underground tension needed in horror.  It won’t make you scream but have you shudder in fear of the closed in caves as a group of girls go on a little cave expedition to help their friend take her mind off with  grieving over the loss of her family. Little did they know they would be distracted themselves by creepy mutants that lurk in the ancient ruins..(and the fact girls can never trust girls) or is it the dark playing tricks on their mind..

Ah the classic Evil Dead! (1981) by Sam Raimi who went onto direct other amazing movies. This is probably seen as ‘comedy’ horror lately, but in the past I was VERY scared of this movie. It is full of creepy scares at every corner and just when you think your safe, a posessed being will hunt you down. I still remember the trapped girl screaming through the chained basement.

A group of teenagers find an abandoned cabin where they ‘try’ to survive the nights of sheer terror where the woods are alive with monsters and you can’t even trust your best friends when they are posessed themselves. For the 80’s people and those who can appreciate the real classic horror, this one’s worth watching on the particular night.

Hereees Johnny! This movie dirrcted by Stanley Kubrick may  not have been much liked by the author-  Stephen King himself who I admire as a great writer, but if he were to jump off a cliff, I wouldn’t follow him. So in this respect, I found this film to be quite a chilling tale none the less. Jack Nicholson does a great job as the book’s mentally unstable content writer.

This film does not provide full on gore but it will definitely make you think twice about staying in an isolated area in the coldest of days. It certainly has creepy moments with psychological damage to the little boy  and it will have your mind go crazier than it was.

There are so many more amazing horror films of your choice to view and far to excruciating to list them all here, but these are just a few of my favourites that made the Cut. So if you’ll excuse me now, I think I hear someone..something lurking in my basement.

Film of the Day: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) by Tobe Hooper/ Written also by kim Henkel

A (September) Monthly Favourite’s

A (September) Monthly Favourite’s

I’ve become the victim of ‘the gone girl’ for this month so apologies to the readers who care. I’ve been faced with more hardships I  life than I anticipated which has left me to be absent for quite some time. Now that I’ve partly returned I see time has passed rather quickly as we come to the end of September which means..a monthly favourites once more. So here they are.




There’s something satisfying about eating a simple made banana and yogurt breakfast. Whether you choose to have flavoured yogurt or my favourite honey greek yogurt, it always tastes good. While my body has been going through alot of treatments, i have been having this in the mornings to give me a little boost of energy that might save me a tiny bit.

I’ve heard this song a few times now but I never paid attention to the artist until recently. (A side note to you, the 11 year old dancer in the video is not Sia of course). Sia has a great voice no doubt she can go the extra mile on the high notes as shown, but she is appealing due to her nature. Other favourite songs of mine include Buttons, and The Girl You Lost to Cocaine.

She seems like a humble woman who has gone through some tough situations and her lyrics convey that in an emotional way. She gives me a stronger meaning to what I face every day and I love hearing her songs whenever I can.

Mrs Natalia Kills certainly does that with her looks as she glares intently at us through the video screen. Her videos resemble Lady Gaga  art in a dark manner, each sending a strong message. In an Interview Natalia mentioned her rebellious ways and even how she tried to set her ex boyfriends house on fire with both of them in it.

This one resembles her family issues as shown. What is striking aside her obvious looks, is how sophisticated yet disturbed she can get, added with a bit of sass. She certainly doesn’t shy from attention nor does she seem to crave it, it seems music is very important in helping her get to how she is today. Not everyone will appreciate her style but does she really care..I think not.


Film of the Day: Under the Skin (2013) (Based on tbe novel by Michel Faber,) Directed by Jonathan Glazer